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  • Photo of Angelica Adams

    Angelica Adams 

    Director of Equity and Inclusion
  • Photo of Chris Bright

    Chris Bright 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Jeremiah Bruner

    Jeremiah Bruner 

    Math Faculty
  • Photo of Regan Buck Bardeen

    Regan Buck Bardeen 

    Humanities Faculty and Global Education Coordinator
  • Photo of Ivette Bustamante

    Ivette Bustamante 

    Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Adele Cadres

    Adele Cadres 

    Executive Assistant to the Head of School
  • Photo of Lorena Campos

    Lorena Campos 

    Registrar/Mod Tuition & Bus. Off. Administrator
  • Photo of Hugo Carrillo

    Hugo Carrillo 

    World Languages Dept. Chair, Spanish Faculty
  • Photo of Bryan  Castaneda

    Bryan  Castaneda 

    Facilities Technician
  • Photo of Lupe Chacon

    Lupe Chacon 

    Life Planner/ Director of Tigre Scholars Program
  • Photo of Oscar Chavarria

    Oscar Chavarria 

    Chair, Math Department, Math Faculty
  • Photo of Sean Collyer

    Sean Collyer 

    Director of Operations/Facilities
  • Photo of Julie Crum

    Julie Crum 

    Life Planning Associate
  • Photo of Silvie Deutsch

    Silvie Deutsch 

    Arts Faculty
  • Photo of Sydney Donahue

    Sydney Donahue 

    Athletic Director & Head Coach, Girls Varsity Volleyball
  • Photo of Josephus Dossen

    Josephus Dossen 

    Science Faculty
  • Photo of Andrew Drennen

    Andrew Drennen 

    Assistant Athletic Director
  • Photo of Sophia Galano

    Sophia Galano 

    School Counselor
  • Photo of Robert Gallegos

    Robert Gallegos 

    Dean of Student Life
  • Photo of Regan Galvan

    Regan Galvan 

    Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Photo of Jason Gamer

    Jason Gamer 

    Music Director, Music Teacher
  • Photo of Stephanie Garcia

    Stephanie Garcia 

    Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Jason Gregory

    Jason Gregory 

    Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management & Strategy
  • Photo of Jeffrey Guckert

    Jeffrey Guckert 

    Department Chair, Science Faculty
  • Photo of Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez 

    Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Terra Hyke

    Terra Hyke 

    Science Faculty
  • Photo of Bryan Jimenez

    Bryan Jimenez 

    Lead Facilities Technician
  • Photo of Ana Lazo

    Ana Lazo 

    Director of Human Resources
  • Photo of Lucia Linares

    Lucia Linares 

    ESL Instructor/ Int'l Student Advocate
  • Photo of Esther Lopez

    Esther Lopez 

    Development Associate
  • Photo of Michael McClain

    Michael McClain 

    Theatre Director
  • Photo of Cristina Mendoza

    Cristina Mendoza 

    Senior Accountant
  • Photo of Lee Ann Metivier

    Lee Ann Metivier 

    Director of Development
  • Photo of Seth Miot

    Seth Miot 

    Math Faculty
  • Photo of Francisco Montilla

    Francisco Montilla 

    World Languages Faculty - Spanish & Heritage Spanish
  • Photo of Gregg Murray

    Gregg Murray 

    Director of Life Planning
  • Photo of Sarah Older Aguilar

    Sarah Older Aguilar 

    Department Chair, Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Pedro Oliveros

    Pedro Oliveros 

    Spanish Faculty
  • Photo of David Pham

    David Pham 

    Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of David Polett

    David Polett 

    Math Faculty / Head Coach, Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Photo of Emily Pryor

    Emily Pryor 

    World Languages Faculty - Spanish
  • Photo of Casey Quirarte

    Casey Quirarte 

    Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Sydney Reiner

    Sydney Reiner 

    Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Photo of Joanna Ro

    Joanna Ro 

    Dean of Faculty
  • Photo of Jaime Ryan

    Jaime Ryan 

    Counselor, Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Martin Sanchez

    Martin Sanchez 

    Campus Supervisor
  • Photo of Eric Shi

    Eric Shi 

    World Languages Faculty - Mandarin
  • Photo of Jennifer Silver

    Jennifer Silver 

    Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Yordana Simpson

    Yordana Simpson 

    Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Alex Spear

    Alex Spear 

    Science Faculty
  • Photo of Jacob Staley

    Jacob Staley 

    Campus Supervisor
  • Photo of Ricardo Stella

    Ricardo Stella 

    Facilities Technician
  • Photo of Sarah Sweatlock

    Sarah Sweatlock 

    Academic Schedule and Data Manager, Math Faculty
  • Photo of Shanon Tabata

    Shanon Tabata 

    Science Faculty
  • Photo of Alex Tauber

    Alex Tauber 

    Technical Director, VPA Faculty
  • Photo of Carrin Torres

    Carrin Torres 

    Assistant Director of Development
  • Photo of Kara Ukolowicz

    Kara Ukolowicz 

    Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Neal Von Flue

    Neal Von Flue 

    VPA Department Chair and VPA Faculty
  • Photo of Elle Wong

    Elle Wong 

    Math Faculty, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator
Vistamar School is a private independent high school in the South Bay region of Los Angeles.

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