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Mission Statement & Core Values

Our Mission

Vistamar School empowers students, preparing them to contribute and excel in higher education and in life, and commits to:

  • A broad and balanced program that challenges and engages students, building their individual skills and inspiring a passion for learning.
  • An intimate atmosphere that fosters initiative, responsibility, knowledge of self and connections to others.
  • Diversity of thought and culture that encourages authentic exchange of perspectives, mutual respect and a mature understanding of the world.

In their studies, in their work, and in their communities, Vistamar students will embrace lives of learning, integrity, and purpose.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, 2004.

Core Values

Rigorously challenging the status quo.

If preconceived notions about what good education looks like went unchallenged, Vistamar would not exist. Vistamar was founded with an unswerving commitment to digging deeper and working harder. The school’s program, student body, and cultural ethos are proof that there is a better way to educate high school students. Our courageous students choose Vistamar because they have the desire to challenge convention.

Relentlessly embracing diversity of thought and experience.

Students learn more in an environment where preconceived notions—born of circumstance and upbringing—are continuously challenged by fellow students who come from different backgrounds. They become enlightened and empathetic. Moreover, a diverse student body significantly enhances the educational experience of all students, opening the way to fuller lives and a more robust society. Vistamar’s diverse community is our greatest source of pride, and the voices of our diverse students are Vistamar’s anchor and the beat of our song.

Purposeful engagement in the world beyond our walls.

Vistamar’s program, adopted from best educational practices in Europe, Asia, and the United States, is truly globally influenced. Our commitment to global studies is evidenced through student exchanges, travel opportunities, our civic engagement program, and our world language proficiency requirement—all of which are designed to ensure that Vistamar students are prepared to be resourceful in the way they show up as global citizens, and solve real-world situations.

Rich, intellectual engagement that opens the doors to any college.

Scouring the planet to find the best practices in education has been central to Vistamar’s program, and Vistamar sees program design and innovation as an evergreen opportunity. Our faculty and staff revel in their obligation to advance as learners along with our students by bringing them the richest and most engaging educational experience obtainable. And when our students engage in this way, they have the preparation to land at the college or university of their choosing.

Living a healthy and balanced life.

The Vistamar program puts reasonable demands on our students: they are challenged and engaged in their education because they are allowed to be teenagers. Their academic, personal, and college goals are always set high, but our students choose how to meet challenges in ways that suit them—with encouragement from their teachers and advisors to find time for sleep, exercise, healthy nutrition, and leisure along the way.