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Arts at Vistamar

At Vistamar, the arts are considered a vital part of a comprehensive education.  All students are required to take a full year of fine or performing arts in a single medium or performance area over a period of three successive trimesters.  Many students will choose to continue taking art courses beyond the graduation requirement, either in a single medium or performance areas or various areas.

Arts Objectives

Upon graduating from Vistamar, students who have participated in one or more of the visual arts and performing arts will have developed:

  • a creative foundation within the art/s of choice
  • critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • a sense of the individual, artistic impulse
  • tools and techniques to express themselves effectively
  • skills in communications and collaboration through various artistic endeavors
  • an understanding and appreciation of the arts in the context of history and the world around us
  • contributions to a vibrant cultural life at school


Class Information

The Visual Arts

2D Art: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media
Advanced 2D Art
Advanced Studio Art: 2D Art
3D Art: Handbuilding, Sculpture, Wheel
Advanced 3D Art
Advanced Studio Art: 3D Art
Digital Media
Advanced Digital Media
Advanced Studio Art: Digital Media
AP 2D Art & Design/AP 3-D Art & Design/AP Drawing

Performing Arts

Rock Ensemble
Jazz Band
Digital Composition and Audio Technology (DCAT)
AP Music Theory
Acting for Stage & Screen
Advanced Acting
Choir (Exploratory)
Advanced Film Production
Theatre Production
Advanced Theater Production

Performance opportunities outside the classroom include:

Main Stage Theatre Productions (Fall Play, Winter Play, Spring Musical)
Technical Theatre Support of Productions
Pit Orchestra Supporting the Musical
Student Written, Directed, and Performed Feature Films

Meet the Faculty

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Neal Von Flue

    Neal Von Flue 

    VPA Department Chair and VPA Faculty
  • Photo of Silvie Deutsch

    Silvie Deutsch 

    Arts Faculty
  • Photo of Jason Gamer

    Jason Gamer 

    Music Director, Music Teacher
  • Photo of Michael McClain

    Michael McClain 

    Theatre Director
  • Photo of Michael Scheer

    Michael Scheer 

    VPA Faculty
  • Photo of Alex Tauber

    Alex Tauber 

    Technical Director, VPA Faculty
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