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The Vistamar Theatre Department is beyond excited to present the first live, in-person event of the year! Tennessee William's play, The Glass Menagerie, will be presented with a pandemic twist. Our cast and crew of students have been working since the beginning of the year in hopes of presenting a live play this year, and thanks to quite a few pivots and accommodations, we're pleased to present Vistamar's unique (socially distance safe) production of this American classic.

  • All social distancing guidelines will be enforced.
  • The performance will take place outdoors.
  • Audience members are required to wear masks throughout the performance.
  • Seating will be arranged in distanced pods of no more than four seats per section.

(There are two casts for the play, so if you're planning on seeing a specific performer, please check with them about their performances before buying tickets.)
  • Thursday, April 29th at 7:00pm
  • Friday, April 30th at 7:00pm
  • Saturday, May 1st at 2:00pm or 7:00pm
  • Sunday, May 2nd at 2:00pm or 7:00pm

Tickets are $5.00 and can be reserved by clicking on one of the links to the right.

Theatre at Vistamar

The Theatre Department is a vibrant part of the Vistamar Community.  Our program has grown each year because we understand that education in the arts provides a creative foundation, tools and techniques to express oneself, collaboration skills, project-based learning, leadership and managerial skills, and an understanding and appreciation of arts in the context of our collective history and the world.  Performance opportunities abound for expert and novice alike.  We have students who have gone on to be professional artists, artisans, actors, dancers, singers and musicians, as well as students who are exploring these areas for the first time.

Theatre Performance Opportunities

Performance and Crew opportunities outside the classroom include:

Main Stage Theatre Productions (Fall Play, Winter Play, Spring Musical)
Technical Theatre Support of Productions
Pit Orchestra Support for the Musical(s)
Acting and behind-the-scenes roles on various video productions
Student directed, written, and produced productions

Stay tuned for future announcements!
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