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This year the Vistamar Theatre Department will hold auditions for the entire Theatre season at the beginning of the year.
  • Acting auditions will take place on Friday, September 10th. Please prepare two contrasting monologues (one comedy and one drama). Each monologue should be approximately one minute long.
  • Singing auditions (to be considered for the Spring Musical) will also take place on Friday, September 10th. Please prepare approximately one minute of a song of your choice. This song should be from a musical, and it should highlight your singing strengths. (To audition for chorus, be prepared to learn a short section of a song and sing it with a group.)
  • Dancing auditions (to be considered for the Spring Musical) will take place on Tuesday, September 14th. You will be taught a short section of a dance and audition in small groups.
Casting for all main stage productions will take place during this production (with potential exceptions for our Winter Play - details below).

Vistamar's 2021 / 2022 Theatrical Season
(as with everything these days, this is all subject to change)

Fall Play:
 A Midsummer Night's Dream - If you’ve ever seen a Shakespeare play at Vistamar, you know we make it our own: Julius Caesar set amongst warring cable news channels during an election year, a 1920’s Hollywood and Jazz Hamlet, Macbeth in a dystopian future, an interactive and immersive Romeo & Juliet that moved throughout the school. Wait until you see what we have in store for our own Shakespeare in the Park - A Midsummer Night’s Dream - a COVID-compliant performance.

Winter Play
: this currently untitled piece will be constructed from the stories of our community. Students are invited to share their stories regarding the challenging times we're facing. We'll need a team of interviewers and collaborators to bring this piece together to portray the diverse voices of our community.

Spring Musical
Fun Home - based on the autobiographical graphic novel of the same name, this musical tells the story of a young woman's discovery of her own sexuality, her relationship with her gay father, and her attempts to unlock the mysteries surrounding his life.


Theatre at Vistamar

The Theatre Department is a vibrant part of the diverse Vistamar Community.  Our inclusive program has grown each year because we understand that education in the arts provides a creative foundation, tools and techniques to express oneself, collaboration skills, project-based learning, leadership and managerial skills, and an understanding and appreciation of arts in the context of our collective history and the world.  Theatre is most powerful when it can not only reflect, but influence, society.  That is our goal. Performance opportunities abound for expert and novice alike.  We have students who have gone on to be professional artists, artisans, actors, dancers, singers and musicians, as well as students who are exploring these areas for the first time.

Theatre Performance Opportunities

Performance and Crew opportunities outside the classroom include:

Main Stage Theatre Productions (Fall Play, Winter Play, Spring Musical)
Technical Theatre Support of Productions
Pit Orchestra Support for the Musical(s)
Acting and behind-the-scenes roles on various video productions
Student directed, written, and produced productions
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