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Overview of Senior Projects

The Senior Project is the last formal learning experience of a student of Vistamar School. This project can show a student's potential, demonstrate prior learning, explore new areas of interest, and help develop a stronger sense of self. More importantly, the Senior Project should capture the student's imagination. It offers adventure, tapping into student interests at an inflection point in one's life. The goal of Senior Project is to engage student's sense of curiosity proactively by having each student initiate, develop, and engage in a plan of action.

The Vistamar Senior Project is a student-directed, challenging project to be completed by every senior. The Senior Project, based on an interest identified by the student, is shaped by an essential question about the student’s chosen topic. The essential question is a broad, open-ended question unable to be answered with a simple yes or no, that drives any large research project. After that question is created, the project entails researching and answering that question and then telling us what you learned about the topic of your question. The project is divided into types: analytical, applied/experiential, and creative.

The Senior Project will give students a model for learning anything they want in the future. In fact, the Senior Project: 

• helps with transition into life after high school 
• gives students a different kind of learning experience 
• puts into practice knowledge and skills  
• helps students to learn skills and habits of mind by doing 
• helps with direction and focus for the future 
• helps students to see the value of process  
• demonstrates how everything is about learning 
• provides an opportunity to take responsibility, claim ownership, and feel empowered.

Senior Project Presentations

Senior Project Community Presentation

Steven C. Senior Project

Hope C. Senior Project

Lucas M. Senior Project

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