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Theatre at Vistamar

The Theatre Department is a vibrant part of the Vistamar Community.  Our inclusive program has grown each year because we understand that education in the arts provides a creative foundation, tools and techniques to express oneself, collaboration skills, project-based learning, leadership and managerial skills, and an understanding and appreciation of arts in the context of our collective history and the world.  Theatre is most powerful when it can not only reflect, but influence, society. That is our goal. Performance opportunities abound for expert and novice alike. We have students who have gone on to be professional artists, artisans, actors, dancers, singers and musicians, as well as students who are exploring these areas for the first time.

Upcoming Events!

The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. A small group of girls ‘cry out’ against other people in the town, accusing them of witchcraft, in an attempt to cover up their own dabblings in the occult. Led by Abigail Williams, the girls’ accusations caused a court to be formed to investigate the alleged crimes. Caught up in the trials are John and Elizabeth Proctor, a farming couple whose marriage is hanging by a thread. John Proctor, following an illicit affair with Abigail, finds himself and his wife caught up in the proceedings when Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft, hoping to take her place at John’s side. Desperate to clear his wife’s name, John attempts to convince the court of her innocence but instead finds himself in deep water when Abigail turns on him. Based on true events, this play is both tragic and deeply affecting as John is arrested for witchcraft himself. When faced with the choice between confessing to witchcraft, thus saving himself, or professing his innocence, and destroying his good name, John finds it is an impossible choice to make…

Sept. 6 through Oct. 26th - After school

Oct. 30th through Nov. 8

Thursday, Nov. 9th at 5pm
Friday, Nov. 10th at 7pm
Saturday, Nov. 11th at 7pm


Past Productions

Theatre Performance Opportunities

Performance and Crew opportunities outside the classroom include:

Main Stage Theatre Productions (Fall Play, Winter Play, Spring Musical)
Technical Theatre Support of Productions
Pit Orchestra Support for the Musical(s)
Acting and behind-the-scenes roles on various video productions
Student directed, written, and produced productions
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