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World Languages

World Languages at Vistamar

Learning world languages opens many doors to personal, professional and academic development. It provides a critical perspective through which students understand their individual identity and global community. Vistamar students are prepared to be orally proficient and culturally competent — to communicate effectively in real-life situations, and to know what language is appropriate depending on the context.

Department Objectives

  • Be orally proficient
  • Be culturally competent
  • Develop a broader understanding of global community
  • Possess a deeper sense of one´s identity
  • Foster opportunities for academic, professional & personal growth

Oral Proficiency Requirements

Vistamar students study at least one language other than English for a minimum of three years. To achieve a higher level of proficiency, students are encouraged to take a fourth year course. To reflect both local and global cultures, three distinctive programs are offered: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Heritage Spanish. Small groups of students are provided with individualized support as they develop oral proficiency in an intimate, student-centered setting.
In order to qualify for the Vistamar diploma, all students must pass an oral proficiency test in a second language in addition to fulfilling the minimum course requirement.  Students must attain a minimum level of “Intermediate” based on standards established by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language (ACTFL). Students in the Heritage Spanish program must attain a minimum level of “Advanced-Low” in both speaking and writing.

Spanish & Mandarin Courses

  • Spanish (I-IV)
  • Honors Spanish II,III
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture
  • Topics in Advanced Spanish (Honors) - Literature and Film
  • Spanish III - Heritage Speakers
  • Honors Spanish IV - Heritage Speakers
  • Mandarin Chinese (I-IV)
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture

Meet the Faculty

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Hugo Carrillo

    Hugo Carrillo 

    World Languages Dept. Chair, Spanish Faculty
  • Photo of Andrea Hernandez

    Andrea Hernandez 

    World Languages Faculty - Spanish
  • Photo of Francisco Montilla

    Francisco Montilla 

    World Languages Faculty - Spanish & Heritage Spanish
  • Photo of Emily Pryor

    Emily Pryor 

    World Languages Faculty - Spanish
  • Photo of Eric Shi

    Eric Shi 

    World Languages Faculty - Mandarin
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