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AP Courses

Vistamar offers elective Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students who are prepared for and who embrace rigorous college-level work, thinking, and assessments. An AP class is designed to be an intensive study of a specific discipline (e.g,. math, science, English, arts, world language, etc.) and will challenge the most curious, self-motivated, and skilled students. Vistamar teachers instruct AP courses in accordance with the requirements and standards set by the College Board, the organization that runs the AP program and examinations worldwide. When a student passes a standardized AP exam at the conclusion of the course, a college may--at their discretion--grant credit to the student.

Readiness and success in AP courses depend on the student’s ability to meet the typical demands of a college-level course:

  • A fast-paced workload, much of which is completed independently during non-class hours, including holidays, extended breaks, and “no homework” weekends.

  • Extra studying and practice beyond the assigned work.

  • Discipline-specific texts and materials that require high reading skills.

  • Challenging college-level and AP-style assessments (timed and untimed) and projects that test the student’s knowledge, disciplinary skill, and critical/creative thinking.

  • Rigorous grading/feedback based on college-level standards and AP rubrics.

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AP Courses Available

  • 2D Art and Design
  • 3D Art and Design
  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • Computer Science
  • Drawing
  • English Language and Composition
  • English Literature and Composition
  • Environmental Science
  • Human Geography
  • Music Theory
  • Physics 1
  • Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism
  • Physics C - Mechanics
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Statistics
  • United States Government and Politics
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In meeting the demands of AP, students are committing to the best habits of academic success, such as:

  • Completing all assignments and assessments on-time with integrity, skill, and thought.

  • Attending class regularly and attentively.

  • Independently managing their learning, responsibilities, time, and self-care in and outside of school (e.g., taking initiative to check their own understanding or skill, making up work/exams without prompting, staying on top of work along with extracurriculars, etc.).

  • Serious and sincere engagement in the work and class activities.

  • Responsiveness and civility with their teacher and classmates.

  • Determination and resiliency when facing adversity.

Courses for the following AP exams are offered. Written course descriptions for AP classes can be found in our curriculum guide on the Academic Programs page.

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