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Senior Project

The Senior Project is the last formal learning experience of a student at Vistamar School, completed by every senior. It can showcase a student's potential, demonstrate prior learning, explore new areas of interest, and help develop a stronger sense of self. The Senior Project is an opportunity for Vistamar students to continue their learning in a career or service setting, pushing  students to extend their learning into the community. 

Senior Project Goals

Each Senior Project must involve students getting real-world experience in an industry or non-profit that fulfills the following project goals:

  • Inquiry with real-world answers: The student formulates a driving project question that gets them out of their comfort zone and yields a thorough response from experience, research, and mentorship from an expert in the field.
  • Self-reflection: Student synthesizes what they learned from their experience considering their personal growth and previous learning experiences in high school.
  • Project Management: Students will demonstrate initiative, self-management, organization, and flexibility
  • Communication: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills by connecting with out side organizations or experts and delivering an effective presentation to the Vistamar audience.
Senior Project Presentation Independent School
Senior Project Independent School

Sample Senior Project Presentations


Senior Project