Daily Schedule

Vistamar’s daily schedule is intentionally designed to focus on depth over breadth in our curriculum and support balance for our students.

Daily Schedule Highlights

8:55 a.m. Academic Class Start Time

It’s been proven physiologically that teens perform better when they get the recommended amount of sleep. With a later start time, you’ll have more energy to participate in school and activities.

Morning Meeting

Our entire student body, faculty and staff come together three times a week to foster a community of connection and collaboration.

Office Hours

Because we prioritize student-teacher relationships, we’ve built time into our weekly schedule to allow for that collaboration to occur. This is a habit we want to start in high school because we know it leads to success in college.

Exploratory - G Block

We build time for experiential learning into our schedule so that students can explore their interests and passions and try things they otherwise might not. Here are some ways our students explore their interests:
American Sign Language, Campus Mural Project, VistaSports Network, Yearbook, Political Satire, Mock Trial.

Vistamar School is a private independent high school in the South Bay region of Los Angeles.

Vistamar School