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Graduation Requirements

Vistamar students are expected to carry a minimum of five regular credits during each school term. The requirement for the Vistamar diploma is the equivalent of 21 full year courses, which must include the 15 courses meeting the minimum requirements for entry to the University of California system. Beyond the UC-prescribed courses, Vistamar students must take a full year of modular science and a full year of Global Studies in grade nine, and an extra year of foreign language.




Group A: History/Social Studies

3 2 including 1 year of US History and grade 9 Global Studies

Group B: English

4 4 not including journalism or student publications

Group C: Mathematics

3 3 through Algebra II (Math 3) at minimum; 4 years recommended

Group D: Laboratory Science

3 2 including grade 9 Modular Science

Group E: Language other than English

3 2 in a single language (including heritage language study for non-native English speakers)

Group F: Visual or Performing Arts

2 1 2 years required starting with the class of 2027

Group G: College Preparatory Electives

1 1 can be any approved course from groups A through F on the UC approved list

Vistamar: Other Electives

1 N/A any combination of courses

Vistamar: Exploratory

1 (1/4 Credit/Year) N/A meets weekly
Totals 21 15  

Other Diploma Requirements

Students must meet the following additional requirements to qualify for the Vistamar diploma:

  • Maintain a healthy level of physical activity by playing on a Vistamar sports team, participating in an approved off-campus fitness activity, or successfully completing an on-campus fitness course 9 out of 12 trimesters including at least one during the senior year.
  • Complete a Senior Project that meets established standards.
  • Complete all registered courses in the senior year with a passing grade and receive passing grades in all classes for the final trimester in the senior year.
  • Maintain a record of good conduct and citizenship throughout the term of enrollment at Vistamar.

Transfer Students

Transcripts of students transferring to Vistamar at grade 10 or above will be evaluated on an individual basis. Credit will be awarded for each course that is reasonably comparable to a Vistamar course and in which the student has earned a grade of “C” or higher.