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International Students

Vistamar School has had an International Student Program since 2016. Currently, we have 14 international students enrolled, coming to us from China, Korea, Singapore and Ukraine. Our goal is to enroll a diverse group of international students interested in studying in the United States for high school.

Our international students have enrolled in prestigious colleges and universities such as: 

  • Berklee College of Music
  • Parsons School of Design
  • Pratt Institute
  • Purdue University
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • The University of Washington
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC San Diego

True to our mission, we know that having a diverse global perspective will enrich our community and help all of our students prepare for a global society. We recognize that English is not a first language for most of our International students, therefore we have developed an English as a Second Language (ESL)/Sheltered Immersion program for 9th and 10th grade students. International students are supported and monitored with a dedicated ESL instructor/advocate throughout their time at Vistamar School. More information is below and on our website here.

Application Process

Vistamar School partners with international placement agencies and consultants. We encourage international candidates and their families to contact an agency or consultant to begin the admissions process. Agencies and consultants provide key services to international students, such as:

  • Application guidance
  • Reserving an admission spot
  • The I-20 Form Visa Application Support: The certificate of eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status 
  • Finding a vetted homestay family
  • Providing a Power of Attorney (POV) for host families to act as guardians
  • Tuition payment
  • Health Records​
  • Health Insurance
  • Communication with the families in their native language

In some cases, we can work with students who already have specific immigration status without the support of an agency.

International students are welcome to apply as 9th graders or transfer students (grades 10-12) for the 2023-2024 school year. 

For more information about applying to Vistamar School, please review the Admissions Process below.

Application Process Steps

Additional Information for International Students

International Students Talk About Vistamar

Contact Us

International students take a break from badminton

TOEFL requirement or equivalent standardized testing

International students who apply to Vistamar School must take the TOEFL or equivalent. Vistamar School's TOEFL code is "C219." The TOEFL test measures all four academic skills — reading, listening, speaking and writing. The TOEFL is one factor we consider in gaining a clear academic picture of each applicant.

The combined minimum score we typically accept for a 9th grade applicant is 60 (the equivalent score in Duolingo is 100). 

For transfer 10th grade applicants the TOEFL minimum score is 72 (the equivalent score in Duolingo is 105), given that Vistamar’s Humanities program in 10th grade requires a higher proficiency level in the target language than in 9th grade.

For transfers to 11th and 12th grade, a combined TOEFL score of 91 is required (the equivalent score in Duolingo is 120). 

Here are performance descriptors for the TOEFL iBT test.  An equivalency chart for the two tests can be downloaded here.

If students have also taken the ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, or AP Testing we will accept and review those official scores as well. Here are our school codes: ISEE: 054327 & SSAT: 7976

All test results must come to Vistamar School directly from the testing company or through the agency.