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9th Grade Experience

The Ninth Grade Experience at Vistamar School brings together a unique curriculum and close partnership between the student, family, and school to ensure a successful transition from middle school.

The key to a successful transition is for the student to become more independent, and in particular, our first trimester is designed to be a forgiving one, with mechanisms in place to build student accountability and autonomy. Vistamar parents tell us often how grateful they are for the quick transfer of responsibility that occurred during freshman year.

Highlights of the Ninth Grade Experience:

  • Freshmen Institute – As an antidote to the “first day of high school jitters,” the entire freshman class is invited to campus for three half-days in August for the Freshmen Institute. During the Institute, ninth graders become more familiar with the school, their new classmates, the Vistamar culture, and some of their teachers. The activities are designed around the theme of “how to be a successful Vistamarian” and includes sessions on study skills, organizational skills, collaboration skills, and communication skills. It also gives students a glimpse into daily life at Vistamar.
  • VistaCrew Program – A carefully selected group of rising seniors are selected to roll out the proverbial red carpet for the freshman class. They undergo training and role-playing to fully equip them to serve as mentors for the incoming students. The VistaCrew facilitates the New Student Orientation program and then continues to check in with freshmen advisory groups throughout the year.
  • Advisory program - Every student is assigned a faculty advisor who serves as an advocate and a primary point of contact between home and school. Our advisory groups are comprised of 9th - 12th grades, co-gendered, and stay together throughout the four year Vistamar experience. The advisor receives reports from other teachers and monitors each advisee’s progress with calls home and/or conversations with the student as necessary. Advisors meet with their group of advisees once a week.

  • Health & Wellness - The ninth grade Health and Wellness program creates a space for students to learn what it means to be a part of the Vistamar School community. The goal of the Health and Wellness program is to intentionally craft culture on campus and support our incoming students in successfully transitioning into the community. This program, inspired by Charis Denison's Human Development curriculum, delves into the areas of identity formation, sexual health and consent, responsible technology use, gender roles/relationships, positive risk taking, and leadership skills. Social media, film, guest speakers, and current events will be utilized throughout the program. In addition, the ninth grade will be joined by members of the Student Wellness Advocate Team (S.W.A.T.), a group of juniors and seniors selected and trained to serve as student-mentors
  • Appropriately challenging curricula - Our unique courses emphasize critical thinking, creativity and knowledge application and lay an important foundation for high school learning.
  • Individual support - Dedicated time for extra help is built into the daily schedule in the form of Office hours where teachers, advisors, Dean of Students and Counselor/Learning Specialist, are easily accessible.    
  • Freshman Overnight Trip - Freshmen get to know classmates and advisors in a relaxed environment designed strictly around fun and bonding. This retreat affords freshman two days off campus for an overnight adventure. VistaCrew seniors attend this retreat and serve a critical role as they model Vistamar’s community norms.
  • Multi-Grade Opportunities Ninth graders might share an art class with a senior or have math class with sophomores or find themselves playing a game of pick-up basketball with a junior at lunch time. All four grade levels at Vistamar blend together in a healthy, organic way. 

Vistamar recognizes that high school is also a transition for the parents. With that in mind, we welcome parents to visit with other parents at “Parents on the Patio,” attend morning meeting, the new family dinner, and the 9th grade parent party.

Enjoy all that 9
th grade has to offer – because it will be over in the blink of an eye!

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