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Human experience, witnessed through history and expressed through literature, is most effectively studied as an integrated whole. In Vistamar's integrated Humanities program, the connections between different fields of knowledge are made explicit, and interdisciplinary topics, projects, and discussions maximize the benefit of investigating the historical context of literature and exploring the cultural significance of political action.

The ninth and tenth grade Humanities students take two complimentary courses identified by the titles Core and Project. The Core course emphasizes language arts and historical thinking from a global perspective. The ninth grade studies contemporary global issues while the tenth grade turns to ancient civilizations. The Project course at each grade level uses a project based learning model to supplement and extend the essential skills and topics explored in the Core course.

The upper division Humanities courses offer electives that allow students to explore the depth and breadth of Humanities and Social Sciences. Courses include: American Literature, US History, AP Language and Composition, AP Human Geography, AP Literature, AP Government, AP Economics, Psychology, Ethnic & Gender Studies, Law & Society, and Contemporary Global Issues. 

Department Objectives

The Humanities Department uses the following principles as its "learning objectives" in all courses. As a fusion of history, language arts, and geography our curriculum enables students to:

• read critically, write stylishly, and speak confidently
• enjoy all genres of literature, and appreciate the power and beauty of language
• understand change and continuity in human affairs across time
• organize and evaluate the social, political and cultural events of the past
• explain how the physical environment has shaped human culture globally
• compare cultures across geographical boundaries and empathize with difference


  • Humanities 9 (core & project): Global Studies
  • Humanities 10 (core & project): Ancient Civilization Studies
  • American Literature 
  • AP English Language & Composition (11th)
  • English 12
  • AP English Literature & Composition (12th) 
  • US History 
  • Honors US History 
  • Contemporary World Issues 
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Government
  • AP Economics
  • Psychology 
  • Ethnic & Gender Studies

Meet the Faculty

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Sarah Older Aguilar

    Sarah Older Aguilar 

    Department Chair, Humanities Faculty
  • Photo of Pablo Delgado

    Pablo Delgado 

    Humanities Faculty
    San Francisco State University - BA
    University of California, Irvine - MA
  • Photo of Courtney Federle

    Courtney Federle 

    Humanities Teacher
  • Photo of Stephanie Garcia

    Stephanie Garcia 

    Director of Community Life, Humanities Faculty
    California State University, Sacramento - BA
    University of San Diego - MA
  • Photo of Lisa Gumina

    Lisa Gumina 

    Director of Teaching & Learning; Humanities & Psychology Teacher
    Movavian College - BA
    Widener University - MA
  • Photo of Min Kim

    Min Kim 

    Humanities Teacher
    Northwestern University - BA
    Harvard University - M. Ed.
  • Photo of David Pham

    David Pham 

    Humanities Faculty
    University of California, Irvine - BA
    Stanford University - MA
  • Photo of Démian Pritchard

    Démian Pritchard 

    Humanities Faculty
    UC Berkeley - BA
    UC San Diego - MA
    UC San Diego - PhD
  • Photo of Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor 

    Humanities Teacher, International Admissions Coordinator
    Oxford University - BA
    UCLA - MA
  • Photo of Annie Thompson

    Annie Thompson 

    Humanities Faculty
    Simmons College - BA
    Emerson College - MA
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