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The science curriculum at Vistamar is organized in trimester modules, enabling students to study biology, chemistry, and physics with subject specialists each year. This successive spiraling of the three sciences over several years reserves the more complex and mathematically-based topics in each subject for more mature students. Over the course of three years all students complete the equivalent of a full year of each basic lab science (physics, chemistry, biology), and most students achieve the foundation necessary for AP or other advanced work in the science of their choice during the junior/senior year. Students with a passion for and high aptitude in science may qualify to take AP sciences as early as the sophomore year.

Department Objectives:

  • An understanding of nature and how things work
  • The skills of critical thinking, hypothesis testing, and inference
  • An appreciation for the tentative and incomplete nature of objective knowledge 
  • Consideration of the social and ethical implications of applied science
  • A command of applied mathematics
  • A framework for organizing and evaluating information about living things and the material universe

Meet the Faculty

List of 5 members.

  • Shanon Tabata 

    Department Chair, Science Teacher
    Loyola Marymount University - BS
    California State University, Long Beach - MS
  • Doug Biedenweg 

    Science Teacher
    Washington State University - PhD
    UC Davis - BS
  • Jonathan Schaefer 

    Science Teacher
    University of Washington - Ph.D.
    University of Wisconsin - B.S.
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