Global Curriculum

Distinctly Global Education

At Vistamar, we strive to offer a cutting-edge curriculum that prepares our students to meet the world’s changing social, cultural, and technological demands. We are continuously inspired by the world’s most dynamic educational practices. That’s why we designed our curriculum with the understanding that the best approaches to education exist all over the world. The result is one of the most innovative and globally oriented academic programs among Los Angeles area independent schools.

Take a look at the origins of some of our programs:

  • Our problem-oriented, integrated VistaMath program is based on the mathematics curriculum at Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.
  • Our Science program has been adapted from highly successful models in Asia and Europe.
  • Vistamar’s Humanities curriculum combines history and English and was inspired by the International Baccalaureate Program.
  • Our approach to teaching World Languages was influenced by the US State Department’s training methods for diplomats and spies.
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