Global Curriculum
Life Planning & College Counseling

10th Grade

As sophomores, this is the first real key year, academically. Your grades matter. It’s also time to “step up” your involvement and leadership in those activities that are meaningful to you and explore further service opportunities. Some additional sophomore steps are:

  • Explore Naviance* tools for self-assessment, including “Do What You Are” and Career Exploration surveys
  • Coach for informational interviews
  • Plan for a productive summer
  • Continue to define who you are, what you love, and what you’re good at
  • Become interesting!
  • Start to find and develop your core “story”…
  • “I am someone who ____________________.”
In addition to looking for engaged, strong students, colleges also look for students who are making an impact on their current community and who will contribute to the college community in some way.

Remember the overall goal to keep in mind is a fulfilled and productive life, not just college admission.

*What is Naviance? Naviance is a web platform that Vistamar uses for college and career exploration and counseling. We keep our student counseling files there, and it provides a wealth of resources for students and parents.

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