Global Curriculum
Life Planning & College Counseling

9th Grade

As 9th graders, you are acquiring your high school “sea legs,” which entails:
  • Developing reflective practices and increasing self-awareness to help you identify your passions
  • Nurturing and maintaining wellness and balance
  • Connecting with your community and class building
  • Communicating with adults
  • Being proactive and taking initiative
  • Exploring service
  • Planning for a productive summer
9th graders (or more frequently, their parents!) sometimes want to know “what should I be doing in order to get into a good college?  After all, I’m in high school now.”  Don’t worry! Focusing on the skills in the above list is exactly what you should be doing at this time.  We know that colleges are interested in students who know themselves.  The key questions to ask yourself are:  How do I learn best?  What do I love?  What am I good at? And what matters to me?

Experience has taught us that colleges are looking for students who:
  • Earn high grades because they are engaged with learning and enjoy it
  • Are proactive
  • Get deeply involved in activities they care about
  • Lead, take risks and embrace challenges
  • Are independent, confident and kind
Your job this year is to begin to develop these habits.

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