Global Curriculum
Student Life


Each student has a faculty advisor who serves as an advocate and a primary point of contact between home and school. The advisor receives reports from other teachers and monitors each advisee’s progress, with periodic calls home and frequent informal conversations with the student. Advisors meet with their group of advisees once a week. The advisor is also the convener of parent/teacher/student conferences.

The ability to manage the challenges of adolescence and to be ready for the college years with values and identity in tact depends on reliable bonds with stable and caring adults. Vistamar teachers value their students as individuals and build trust through careful listening, consistent expectations, respectful feedback, and a fundamental commitment to fairness. They are engaged with students and accessible outside of class not only as advisors, but also as activity sponsors, mentors in the academic commons, and fellow members of the school community.

Vistamar School is a private independent high school in the South Bay region of Los Angeles
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