Robotics at Vistamar

Mr. Quincy Dawson, Robotics Faculty Advisor
The Vistamar Robotics team is more than an after school program. This group of young computer scientists consists of programmers, engineering specialists, as well as mentors to their peers. Unlike many other schools in the area that have engineering professionals who lead their students through every step of the way, the Vistamar Robotics team is 100% student-led. This allows our students to work through every step of the engineering and design process: from creating a sketch from a simple idea, all the way to building, testing and refining a prototype, our students are are always eagerly determined to persevere through every challenge that they might face.

Robotics at Vistamar is broken into multiple groups: the Robotics Class and the Robotics Club. Geared towards more inexperienced engineers, the Robotics Class gives students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of everything involved in building and operating a competition robot. The Robotics Club meets everyday after school and their main goal is to build, test and finalize the robot for competition season. While this club consists of some of Vistamar more experienced robotics members, our students serve as great mentors for younger students who want to expand their engineering knowledge outside of the robotics class.

Wish us luck as we head to our competition this Saturday, February 9! 

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