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At Vistamar the Arts are considered a vital part of a comprehensive education and contribute to our vibrant school culture. Everyone is given the opportunity to participate and develop a foundation in the arts of their choice. There is a strong emphasis placed on the creative process, from ideation to production, and students are encouraged to discover, develop, and effectively express their authentic selves through the various tools and techniques provided. Through this process students will develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem-solving through various communicative and collaborative artistic endeavors, gaining an enhanced understanding and appreciation for the arts in the context of history and the world around us.
Students share their experience with the Arts:
Andre A. ‘21 - The Willows School

I was initially drawn to the arts programs by the seniors when I was a freshman. They were all super encouraging and made me feel comfortable in a new space. I’ve stayed in the programs because of the content and the connections I’ve made along the way. Art is meaningful to my experience at Vistamar because it gives me a space to truly express myself. 

Emma C. ‘19 - Westside Neighborhood School

I always loved art as a kid and I wanted to continue it during my high school career. When I found Vistamar, I was welcomed by all of the art hanging on the walls and I knew that this was the place for me. I've been a part of the visual arts program for all four years of high school and it was one of the best decisions I've made at Vistamar. One of the things that always pulled me in was the really great teaching. Ms. Chandler has not only taught me that I can always keep improving and adding and reflecting on my own work but has also created a safe space where I can just come and chat anytime I want. In creating that safe space, I've grown a lot more confident and it's really exciting for me to walk down the hallways and see not only my work but my peer's as well

Rachel G. ‘19 - Manhattan Beach Middle School

The Vistamar art program was something that really stood out to me about the school due to how it allows a student to explore individual interests in a cross-disciplinary environment. When I had my Vista-Visit, I was matched with an art student. I saw how the art teachers encouraged students to explore art beyond what has been seen and improve skill through individualized critiques. I knew that at Vistamar, I would have the ability to improve my technicality while experimenting with different mediums and styles. 

I have stayed with the art program for the past four years because it has offered me something new each year. During my freshman and sophomore years in 2D art, I was able to develop a strong foundation through the challenging and diverse prompts given to the classes. In AP 2D art during my junior year, I was really able to explore my individuality within art and develop my voice as an artist. Now, I am taking 3D art where I am challenged to push aside everything I thought I knew and start from scratch on a whole new side of art. No matter the level that I was at, the teachers saw something in me and encouraged me to keep developing and improving as an artist. 

Art has stayed my favorite class throughout my four years here at Vistamar. In every class at Vistamar, I have been able to use my love and knowledge for art to take my classwork to the next level. Because of the Vistamar art program, I have decided that I would like to continue to pursue art as a career. The art program offered at Vistamar has pushed me to be better than I thought I could be.


The Vistamar Athletic Program is comprised of 20 teams representing ten sports at the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman/Sophomore levels. More than half of our student body participates in athletics throughout the academic year. Our student-athletes are supported by an incredible group of coaches. Each coach devotes time and energy in bringing excellence to our athletic program.
Our varsity athletic teams compete in the Coastal League and have won league championships and earned CIF playoff berths. Individual athletes have earned scholarships and invitations to join athletic programs at various colleges and universities, including: Stanford, UCLA, Northeastern, LMU, Notre Dame, Bucknell, University of Chicago, and Pepperdine.
We encourage our student-athletes to make commitments, set goals, and work to attain them. Sportsmanship is a top priority, regardless of what the scoreboard reads.
Our students share their experience with Athletics: 
Sadie H. ‘21 - Manhattan Beach Middle School

Playing sports has always been a big hobby of mine. It was comforting to know that Vistamar has a no cut policy has allowed me to try sports that I would not have played outside of school. For example, I played frosh/soph volleyball freshman year which allowed me to try something new, and it was an amazing way get to know people before school even started. I have now played on the Varsity soccer team for two years and each year I love it more. Everyone is so welcoming on the teams, the coaches are great, and it is a good way to meet people from every single grade. I also participated in Vista Sports Network (VSN) during G-Block, which allowed me to support and provide content for the Athletics social media.

Sean R. ‘21 - Manhattan Beach Middle School

Throughout my time at Vistamar, I have played JV Basketball, JV Soccer, and Varsity Golf. In my Freshman year I played Basketball, and even though I was hurt for a majority of the season, I felt like I still got to know all of the guys and I felt like a member of the team. This winter was my first year playing soccer and having a supportive coach like Mr. Tauber really changed the scope of the season. I wasn't sure that I would enjoy soccer and it became one of my favorite athletic experiences. My main sport is golf and I've been on the team for two years. Golf is a welcoming program and I quickly fit in with the team. Overall, it's been an awesome experience for me. The Athletics Program at Vistamar has not only kept me active and doing something that I love, but also has created bonds and friendships that are unforgettable and I cannot thank Vistamar enough for that.
Sofie K. ‘19 - Manhattan Beach Middle School
Coming into Vistamar I was just a volleyball player; I played club volleyball since I was 8 years old and knew I wanted to play on the Varsity Volleyball Team. I made the Varsity Volleyball Team as a freshman and that shaped my Vistamar experience. I developed close friends with a lot of upperclassmen and became more confident in myself as a player. My freshman year I also decided to play soccer (prior to that I had never kicked a soccer ball in my entire life) and I was able to try out a new sport as a beginner. That allowed me to see the array of students who were new to a sport and trying it out for the first time. This made me realize how special of an opportunity it was to be able to make an athletic team regardless of prior experience/skill level.

Over 50% of our student body participate in athletics and I felt the need to draw more attention and generate more buzz around campus. So, I decided to create a platform (@vistamarathletics) to highlight the athletes within the community and share their experiences. My experience with leading Vista Sports Network (VSN) has made me realize how unique Vistamar’s athletic department is and how passionate our students are. I have learned so much about my leadership by serving as a 2 year captain on the Varsity Volleyball team and leading VSN. Without a doubt, my Vistamar experience wouldn’t be as amazing as I can say it was today.

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