Visual & Performing Arts Night Spotlight

Visual and Performing Arts Night 2019- Changing, Still - is in the works, and as a preview to the event we will be spotlighting a few of our student artists in anticipation of the incredible, arts-filled evening to come.
First up is Phoebe A. '20. She is currently an AP 3D Art student, hard at work on the Concentration portion of her portfolio. The Concentration portfolio consists of a body of work centered around a single idea or theme, created by the student. It requires a great deal of hard work and sustained artistic investigation but Phoebe was nice enough to take a break and answer a few questions for us:

How has AP 3D Art been so far this year?

So far it's been really stressful but also really rewarding in a weird way. It has helped me to appreciate the time I'm putting into my projects and appreciate the end result. Even if I'm not 100% happy with the product, I'm still proud of it at the end of the day.

What is your concentration subject?

My concentration focuses on culture and personal memories. When I was little I spent hours making small rooms and spaces, and I'm using that as a starting point to explore what the perceptions of homes for different cultures might look like. I'm making miniature rooms, and sculpting or creating every piece in it. I'm also tying in some of my first hand experiences with these places to add another personal touch to them.

Which project are you excited to exhibit at VPA night?

I'm just about finished with one of my miniatures so for the time being that is what I'm most excited to exhibit. These projects are taking a lot longer to finish than I anticipated and I really want to show as much of my work as I can get done before then.
Are you curious to see more? We hope you will join us on Wednesday, March 27 at 7pm, as we transform the Creative Commons into a gallery and performance space for our school-wide celebration of the Arts at Vistamar: Visual and Performing Arts Night: Changing, Still.

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