Visual & Performing Arts Night Spotlight

Visual and Performing Arts Night 2019- Changing, Still- is in the works, and as a preview to the event we are spotlighting a couple of our student artists in anticipation of the incredible, arts-filled evening to come.
Next up is Matthew '21. He is currently an Advanced 2D Art student, hard at work on his Monochromatic Pop Painting. The project consists of a selecting a personal image, manipulating it in Photoshop to break it down into values, and with the result creating a monochromatic acrylic painting using the color/s of choice. This project requires a good amount of time and attention to detail.
How has Advanced 2D Art been so far this year?
I have loved the advanced 2D art course this year. Its a really fun course. We have touched on all different kinds of materials so you never get tired of using something. All of the projects are different and you get to be creative and make the project your own. All of the people in my class are so nice and we all get along really well. 
Why did you choose this image for your project?
I choose this image for my project because I wanted to challenge myself. I have been wanting to paint this picture for a while but couldn't find a style I wanted to do it in. When we were told only to use 5-7 values I knew this would be a perfect time to use it.
Which project are you excited to exhibit at VPA night?
I am really excited to show off my first project. I collaged a boat that I stayed on in Croatia and I think it turned out really well. For this project there is a collaged paper made up of magazine clippings and on top there is a clear layer with sharpie lines drawn on to create one interesting image.
Are you curious to see how this piece turns out, and more? We hope you will join us on Wednesday, March 27 at 7pm, as we transform the Creative Commons into a gallery and performance space for our school-wide celebration of the Arts at Vistamar: Visual and Performing Arts Night: Changing, Still.

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