Senior Projects: What Students are Doing

Senior Projects are well under way and the graduating Vikings are out in the world. Read their blogs here. Below are some examples of what our students are doing this year. 

  • Téa C. is exploring her interest in journalism at the online newspaper called Culver City Crossroads. 
  • Gabe R. is learning the art of architecture drafting. From measuring homes to using trigonometry to model a roof, Gabe is doing it all. 
  • Alex N. is working with clothing company to explore her passion for fashion and additionally the ethics behind fast fashion. 
  • Sofie K. is exploring the operations side of one of her favorite restaurants, Jon & Vinny's.
  • Alex L. is exploring the local real estate business and getting to see the behind-the-scenes of buying and selling houses.

As a reminder, 12th graders at Vistamar get to participate in our Senior Project Program that takes place the last three weeks of the school year. The seniors intern in Los Angeles, across the US, and abroad, working with off-campus mentors to explore a vast array of personal interests and possible career paths. 


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