16 Juniors Honored at Book Award Ceremony

This week, we honored 16 juniors at our 15th annual College Book Recognition ceremony. The College Books are sponsored by various colleges around the nation, and are awarded based on the criteria the college specifies in accordance with their values and missions. Congratulations to the honorees from the Class of 2022 and thanks to the Life Planning Team for organizing these honors.
Cornell Book: Mia B.
Tulane Book: Dior N.
Dartmouth Book: Lila O.
University of Virginia book: Fanuel A.
Harvard Book: Duncan R.
Princeton Book: Gabriel S.
Smith Book: Seven A.
Brown Book: Ike T.
College of the Atlantic Book: Aaliyah H.
Mount Holyoke Book: Taylor C.
Cal Arts Book: Maura M.
Brandeis Book: Ryan F.
Northwestern Book: Keira S.
George Washington Book: Ava T.
University of Rochester Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award: Erin M.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Katie C.
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