Chris Bright Opens School Year with Morning Meeting Address

Head of School, Chris Bright's opening Morning Meeting talk is excerpted here:
Tuesday marked our first in-person Morning Meeting where we could all be together, since March 2020.
I had the honor of opening Morning Meeting, and I related a story about attending (along with most of my former classmates) my 8th grade reunion this summer. What was compelling was the sense of belonging we all felt, even 40 years later. This shared sense of being a part of something greater than myself/ourselves was a key factor in bringing so many of us back together after all these years. And it was immediately a connective experience -- we could have been standing around our lockers back in 1980 as easily as standing in my friend Ronnie's kitchen in the summer of 2021.
I related this story because it struck me how much the endurance and strength of my connection to my 8th grade friends and school reminded me of what we all work to create at Vistamar. Belonging at Vistamar is about our connections -- to each other and to our school. And it's about how we belong to ourselves. Vistamar stands strong in this regard, because we fundamentally agree that every single person deserves an opportunity to live their life fully, to bring their whole self to this community, and to be cared for and supported for who they are. In that regard, I look forward to exploring our essential question for 2021-2022 together with you: What Does it Mean To Belong? We'll all discover a lot about ourselves this year, academically and otherwise. We'll find out what makes us who we are and we'll do our best to become that person and to bring that person to our work, our play and our daily lives. I look forward to getting started together.
Vistamar School is a private independent high school in the South Bay region of Los Angeles.

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