Get Psyched! Speaker Series: Mee Vaj, Hypnotherapist

Vistamar Psychology students hosted Mee Vaj, founder of Empowered Mind Wellness in Long Beach. A Laotian immigrant, Mee sought training in hypnotherapy after a series of unfortunate events (in her case, injuries from successive auto crashes) and currently aims to "help a billion people in this lifetime" through therapeutic healing.
After discussing the power of the unconscious mind and psychological benefits of hypnotherapy, Mee led students in an extended guided imagery exercise in which students were guided to encounter their successful future selves. One student observed, "Meeting my successful former self (in my mind) was so reassuring, and she had comforting words for me...when my life is so busy and anxious with all I have to do right now as a senior." Mrs. Silver and her students are ever grateful to Mee, a three-year veteran of this speaker series, for her time and guidance.
Vistamar School is a private independent high school in the South Bay region of Los Angeles.

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