Congratulations to Vistamar alum Gabriela (Gabe) Guefen ‘12 for her acceptance to the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Doctor of Physical Therapy program. After earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, Gabe plans to specialize in pediatrics with a focus on helping kids with rheumatic diseases. After being diagnosed with Juvenile Spondyloarthritis 8 years ago, Gabe struggled to gain a sense of normalcy in her world that had otherwise been turned upside down. Through the course of her experience, she became determined to spend her life helping other children with this devastating chronic autoimmune disease.

Upon her graduation from Vistamar, Gabe moved to Atlanta to pursue her Bachelor of Science at Emory University from which she will graduate this May. For the last two years, she has been conducting an independent clinical research study at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta that seeks to characterize the side effects and barriers patients encounter from their medications and whether these factors change the way a patient feels about their medication and disease. By studying effective treatments and pain in children with Juvenile Arthritis, Gabe hopes to leave a positive mark on the field of Rheumatology that will help others.  #vistamarschool #medicalschool #helpingothers

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