Vistamar Junior Enjoys Idyllwild Arts Opportunity

Adin B. '20 explored Idyllwild Arts this past summer to learn more about drawing and painting! 
There is something incredible that happens when you watch a student talk about their passion. You see their face light up (they can’t help smiling), they lean forward, their gestures get bigger, their voice carries emotion. You can’t help but experience their energy.

This is what happens when Vistamar School Junior, Adin B. talks about art and his summer experience at Idyllwild Arts.

Over the summer Adin spent two weeks at Idyllwild Arts, where he immersed himself in a drawing and painting intensive course. Class sessions were six hours a day – about three hours after breakfast, and three hours after lunch. It was a structure in which he thrived as a student, and enjoyed.

Adin reflects, “My view when it comes to art is [that] it’s not about the final product. There are little improvements here and there.” He believes the program pushed him to practice and inspired him to get better. Being able to devote so much time to drawing in one sitting, and then painting in another improved Adin’s skills, and he learned to talk about the technical aspects of art, along with technique.

Art has always been something Adin has enjoyed, and he’s practiced art all his life, and became serious about it a little more than four years ago. He deeply enjoys visual art, especially drawing and painting. At Vistamar School, Adin says, “The art teachers, as well as other teachers and friends, have always been very helpful and supportive towards my art. Not only that, but access to new art materials has really helped me improve my art as a whole.”

Adin loved his Idyllwild experience, and definitely wants to go back. He recommends anyone go, and calls it the “highlight of his summer.”

Adin attended Idyllwild Arts on a scholarship he received after participating in a contest at Vistamar. Every year, returning freshman, sophomores, and juniors are invited to enter a competition to win a scholarship Idyllwild offers to Vistamar students. Students submit a portfolio of work, as well as a written response stating which courses they are interested in, and explain how they think these opportunities will benefit their education and training. Entrants also participate in an audition. All Vistamar students are able to apply to Idyllwild Arts summer and auxiliary programs to further their art studies and explore visual arts, music, theater, writing, dance, computer arts, and film.


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