Vistamar Theatre Presents: Amateurs

Amateurs opens Friday November 2! Below Mr. Blaine shares why he likes the show and a synopsis of what to expect! 
What makes Amateurs different? Why did you choose this show? 

I love this show. It is accessible to high school students and the author is one of my favorites! We cast the show gender blind and it's really added to making the production unique to Vistamar. 

Why should everyone come see this show?

This show is unlike any other show we've done before. We have seen farces before and we have seen comedies before but this is truly a tragic and dark comedy. This show fall in the middle ground of comedy and the students have worked hard to pull it off! 

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Following the opening night of a community theater troupe's musical about undertakers, Dorothy and her slightly daft wife, Charlie, host a gathering of actors and friends, including Nathan (a bookish high school teacher and a very bad ventriloquist), Wayne (fancies himself an amazing actor and lover - reviewers on both accounts may say otherwise), Jennifer (the only one who may actually be talented), Ernie (a dry cleaner by day, comic by night - filled with insecurity and spite), Irene (Ernie's wife who must come to terms with the life she chose for herself), Mona (a young millennial who's trying to find herself after breaking Wayne's heart) and Paul Cortland (a well-known drama critic who has just broken his rule of never reviewing community theater). When the amateur actors accidentally discover Paul Cortland's review of their play, their true colors shine. The party becomes the setting where the dreams, loves, failures and successes of this group are explored with bittersweet humor. "Sharp and funny.' -Boston Globe. "Winsomely, wildly, wonderfully funny." -East Side Monthly
**Amateurs should be considered PG-13 based on strong language.**
Get to know some of the characters in the show in these videos!   

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