Winter Concert 2018 Wrap-Up

What an evening for the Music Program at Vistamar! 
Winter Concert was truly an evening of unity. The theme "Us & Them" reminded the audience that although there are divisions in the world, there are also forces that bring people together. The artists of the original songs, at first glance, have nothing in common - Rodrigo Amarante is from Brazil and Of Monsters and Men from Iceland. What they do have in common is their music and the love they portray in their music. 

The evening was filled with enthusiasm and unending support for the performing artists. When asked what felt different about this year, Music Director, Dr. Jason Gamer mentioned the hard work of the students and the size of the music program. He said, "When I first got to Vistamar there were 7 people in Choir. For the last song there were 32 Choir members on stage. It speaks volumes about our Visual and Performing Arts Program and the support we receive." It was an energetic affair with new faces and experienced faces working together to make a cohesive show. Dr. Gamer also mentioned that the music in the program was not easy music but due to the students dedication to their art and sheer force of will they performed it like professionals. 

Another unforgettable Winter Concert in the books. 

Couldn't make the concert? The livestream is still available at


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