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List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Is the school accredited?

    Vistamar School is fully accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges through June, 2022. The courses in the school’s core curriculum have been evaluated and approved for admissions purposes by the regents of the University of California, and all of the Advanced Placement courses on offer have been authorized by The College Board. Vistamar School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, the California Association of Independent Schools, and the Council of International Schools.
  • Q: What is the enrollment at Vistamar?

    Vistamar School is a high school with approximately 275 students in grades 9 through 12.  Each fall, a class of approximately 75 freshman is enrolled.  Vistamar accepts applications for grades 10 and 11 if space is available.
  • Q: How does Vistamar School select students for admission?

    Vistamar School seeks to admit:
    •    Students who have demonstrated a readiness for a challenging and engaging curriculum.
    •    Students who mirror the rich diversity of the greater Los Angeles area.
    •    A balanced number of boys and girls at each grade level.
    •    Students with a wide range of athletic, artistic and social talents who prefer to work cooperatively with classmates to build a vibrant school community.
    •    Students who act with civility and integrity.
    •    Students whose families support the mission, purpose and values of the school.
    •    Students who are interested in learning beyond the classroom and becoming global citizens.
  • Q: Who are the Vistamar School Faculty?

    The Vistamar faculty are highly educated and experienced educators, more than half of whom hold advanced degrees. Some are veterans of other independent schools, including international schools, while others have worked in public schools prior to joining Vistamar. What they have in common are strong preparation in their fields of study, a commitment to professional growth, and a desire for meaningful and productive relationships with students.
  • Q: Who are the Vistamar Students?

    Students come from over 50 feeder schools in over 54 zip codes. The gender balance is approximately 50/50, and just over half self-identify as students of color. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds and talents, and they share a sincere interest in learning and community building. All of our students have demonstrated a readiness for college preparatory work
  • Q: Describe Vistamar’s Curriculum

    Our educational program combines the best traditions of American independent schools with exemplary practices drawn from other educational systems around the world, including modular science from Europe and Asia; integrated mathematics from Phillips Exeter Academy; language study from the US Department of State; and integrated humanities and grade level seminars inspired by the International Baccalaureate program.

    Our core curriculum emphasizes critical reading, problem solving, deep thinking, and clear writing throughout. Students with special interests in a field of study are encouraged to take Advanced Placement® courses, which are offered in every subject.
  • Q: How does Vistamar School approach college counseling?

    Vistamar’s Life Planning program provides an alternative to the typical college admissions mania faced by high school students today, offering instead a holistic approach to the process. Beginning in the ninth grade, opportunities for meaningful reflection and self-assessment are woven into the curriculum at all levels. Students acquire skills and information to help manage the challenges of adolescence and to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. 

    They explore their interests, values, and strengths through community service, summer jobs, and internships, consistently enhanced by guided reflection. By twelfth grade our students are adept at looking outward, and at finding opportunities to connect classroom lessons to the real world. They have developed lifelong habits of health, wellness, and responsibility that allow them present themselves to colleges as authentic and self-aware applicants
  • Q: Where do Vistamar Students go to College?

    Between 95-100% of Vistamar graduates matriculate to four-year institutions of higher learning around the country and abroad. 
    Our students have been accepted into many highly selective colleges and universities including:
    •    The University of California campuses
    •    The 8 Ivy League colleges
    •    Numerous small to mid-sized private universities, including premier arts institutions.

    A complete list is included here.

Vistamar School is a private independent high school in the South Bay region of Los Angeles
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