Admissions Events

The best way to get to know Vistamar School is to visit our state-of-the-art campus to see for yourself what The V FACTOR is all about. Whether you’re in 8th grade or a transfer student, grab a few friends and come to one of our Admissions Open Houses, or to take a campus tour while school is in session. Our founders knew that there was a better way to do high school - come see how we do it.

In the Spring, we invite 7th Grade students and families visit us for a campus tour. Check back in March for additional information.

Campus Tours

Come by for a tour of the school while classes are in session. Tours are offered Tuesday through Thursday, by appointment. This is a great opportunity to see our innovative campus, get a peek into our classrooms and to meet with the Admissions Team. 

Applicants for the 2019 - 2020 School Year:
This is a one hour tour for 8th grade and high school students and their families looking to apply to Vistamar School. Click here to schedule your Campus Tour. 

Applicants for the 2018 - 2019 School Year: 
This tour is an hour and a half,  for high school students (9th-11th grade) and their families looking to apply as a transfer to Vistamar School. There will be a short information meeting to review the transfer process, please bring your current (unofficial) transcript.  Click here to schedule your Transfer Information & Tour. 

Vistamar is closed on all major holidays.

Open Houses

We highly encourage all 8th grade and transfer applicants to attend an Admission Open House. You will have the opportunity to talk to teachers, current students, coaches, and administrators, as well as attend mini-classes and tour the campus. 

Grab a few friends and bring your family, you'll never think of high school the same way!

We have completed our Open House events for the 2018 - 2019 School Year.
Please take a look at Campus Tour dates or join us next season!
More information to follow in September 2019,

Events to Discover Your V FACTOR

The V Factor is a set of characteristics that compel you to be a self-thinker, a mind-breaker, a non-conformist. It’s what makes you you. We have a special series of events designed to help you learn more about Vistamar School and to discover your V Factor. You and your family do not want to miss these unique peeks inside Vistamar where you will continue to meet students, parents, faculty and staff and have fun. 

Event information and sign ups will be updated throughout the year. If you have filled out an inquiry, the event information will be emailed to you and your family as well.



Vista-Visits, sometimes referred to as a "shadow day," are designed for 8th grade prospective students to “walk a half day in the shoes” of a Vistamar student. Prospective students are matched with an Admissions Ambassador, a trained student leader, who will give them a campus tour, bring them to Morning Meeting, and take them along to their classes.

Vista-Visits are held on select dates throughout the Admissions Season 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM. 

SPRING 2019 Vista-Visits
Once you have appled and following your interview, prospective students may be invited to attend a Vista-Visit. Due to limited spaces, sign ups will be offered on a first come, first served basis. 
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