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Student Life at Vistamar

Students at Vistamar actively build relationships and connections with their peers, teachers, and in the communities to which they belong. We encourage you from day one to get involved in the life of the school and proudly affirm our unofficial motto, "no spectators." We want you to engage fully in the broader school life through building meaningful relationships and taking part in your own combination of activities: athletics, arts, clubs, services, leadership activities, and school-wide events. Vistamar makes time for you to do you. 

The most valuable aspect of the Vistamar experience was feeling comfortable enough in the community to grow into the person I'm proud to say I've become. 

Vistamar Alumnus

Student Leadership

There are so many ways to be a leader on campus. Vistamar provides opportunities for students to lead clubs, lead affinity groups, captain athletic teams and lead among your grade. Honor Council, VistaCrew, VALT, and SEA are all more formal roles that students can apply for. 

Clubs and Activities

Vistamar offers over 30 Clubs and Activities

Vistamar makes room in the day—before school, during lunch, and after school—for students to initiate work that is important to them. Most of the extra-curricular clubs and activities at Vistamar School have been initiated, organized, and established by students.

Here are some of the current clubs and activities. More student clubs and activities will continue to be added as student interest evolves.

Affinity and Alliance: Feminist Club, GSA, Black Student Union, United Asian Association, Latino Students Association, Mixed Kidz Club, Jewish Culture Club, Feminist Club.

Journalism, Writing, and Broadcast: Yearbook, VSN, Vistamar View Newspaper, Literary Magazine, Satire Club.

Science: Robotics,  Eco Club, Pre-Med Club, Topics in Astronomy and Science.

Academics: French Club, Book Club, Math Team.

Arts:  Theatre Board, Quotable Movie Club.

Government and Society: Junior Statesmen of America, Mock Trial, Entertainment Club, Investment Club.

Service and Community: Interact Club, Girl Up.

Puzzles and Games: League of Legends Club, Chess Club.

Student Events: Club Fair, Fall Dance, Winter Semi-Formal, Jr./Sr. Prom, Spirit Week, Morning Meeting, VPA Night, Winter Concert, Soulful Celebration.


Vistamar teachers value their students as individuals and build trust through careful listening, facilitating collaboration, and supporting students. In weekly advisory meetings, teachers engage with small groups of students across grade levels in a non academic setting to mentor and guide them. Formal and informal discussions and a slate of activities help you make connections as you develop a sense of community. Students stay in the same multi-grade level advisory groups for all four years. This approach allows underclassmen to make friends and be mentored by older students and eventually, mentor younger students themselves.

I feel like I enter a space where I can be myself.

Vistamar Student

Lunch at the Viking Commons

The Viking Commons provides all of us with a healthful, nutritious, and delicious lunch daily as part of coming to school. Community is important at Vistamar, and the Viking Commons provides a way for the whole school community to eat together each day. Our block academic schedule allows everyone to have lunch at the same time daily, making it easy for students, faculty, and staff to enjoy each other’s company and meet informally over a great meal.

Living a healthy and balanced life is one of Vistamar’s core values, and the Viking Commons supports this value. Healthful, nutritious, and delicious lunches are prepared from scratch daily onsite. Our food service partner takes a “wellness - first" approach, providing custom menus that are flavorful, provide variety, and also support local and sustainable agricultural practices. Hot entrees, a sandwich bar, and salad and soup bar are available daily. Allergens are noted on the daily menus and options for those with allergy sensitivities or special diets are offered each day, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free.

Off-Campus Exploration

The Vistamar experience encompasses a wide variety of off-campus opportunities over each student’s four years of high school. From grade level retreats, spring and summer travel possibilities, to senior projects, all Vikings participate in experiential academic and recreational adventures. At Vistamar, we believe that being outside the classroom in new environments strengthens community, grows cultural awareness, and expands individual horizons. These opportunities are key parts of the total Viking experience.