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There are a number of ways Vistamar alums can be meaningfully involved with the life of the school following graduation. As a Viking alum, we urge you to take advantage of the special events and other opportunities designated especially for our alums.

Attend Events

In addition to the many annual student and parent events which we encourage you to attend, Vistamar hosts several alumni events each year including a luncheon on campus in December, a cocktail party for the over 21 set in June, and an annual barbecue at a local park, also in June.


Vistamar School is fortunate to have the support of many enthusiastic and engaged volunteers. They are alumni, parents, and friends who play such an important role by giving their time, counsel, and support. Our dedicated and engaged leaders assist with events, serve on boards, hire our students, and make a difference every day in the lives of students, alumni, and friends.

Hire Vikings

Our experiential learning and life planning practices can benefit from alums and parents who are able to recruit Vistamar students whose talents and interests are tailored to your employment needs. We are interested in understanding your organization's unique culture, mission, and goals, so we can help you identify whether a Vistamar student or alum might be a great fit.

Serve On The Alumni Board

The Vistamar Alumni board is set up to help nurture the life-long relationship between Vistamar and its alumni and their parents.  We are focused on creating a positive, constructive, and satisfying relationship between Vistamar and its graduates.  We appreciate and look forward to your continued belief, support, and involvement with your "old" school.

In addition to the activities above, here are a few other ways to sustain your lifelong connection to Vistamar School.
Update your contact information: email

Make a contribution to the Vistamar Fund:

Vistamar Connect

Vistamar Connect offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable to all our students and alumni. Please help us build a robust community of caring Vistamarians invested in the collective success of our graduates.

For our current students and young alumni, this network is here to help prepare and support you as you take those first steps towards starting your careers.​

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