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PAVE: Parent Alliance for Vistamar Education

Parent involvement at Vistamar enriches the student experience, and is a great way to meet other parents and stay connected to the school.

All parents and guardians of Vistamar students are members of PAVE, and are encouraged to attend PAVE meetings and events throughout the year. Membership is free.

PAVE is committed to providing opportunities to connect parents with each other and with the School in an effort to support and strengthen the greater Vistamar community.

The PAVE Advisory Council is a volunteer group of parents appointed by the Head of School who bring together parent interests, concerns, and activities. Led by a president, the council is also made up of a secretary; the Language, Culture, and Community Committee; and representatives for each grade level and alumni.

The time and talent parents share with Vistamar are deeply appreciated and vital to the longevity of the school.

For more information or to get involved, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Finder below or contact Ana Mickle.

To contact any of the PAVE Council members, you may send a message to

Interested in volunteering for events throughout the year? Tell us which ones you are interested in and we'll be in contact. By filling out this you ARE NOT committing to any event. We just want to see who's interested and we'll reach out as we get closer to the event with a signup genius for final confirmation.


PAVE COUNCIL 2018/2019

Tracy Glover 

Taste of Vistamar Chairs
Juliette Youngblood
Kirsten Sheridan 

Culture Club Chair
Sharon Cohen

Soulful Celebration Chair
Daphne Leake 

Latino Parent Rep
Ana Guzman 

12th Grade Reps
Linda Morales 
Tina Slocumb 

11th Grade Reps
Cindy Fitzgerald 
Cindy Williams 

10th Grade Reps
Christina Arndt
Kim Stillwell
April Fincham 

9th Grade Reps
Kristin Callaghan 
Kim Leserman

Alumni Reps
Gail Bromberg 
Connie Werle

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