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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion at Vistamar

Welcome from the Director of Equity and Inclusion!
Embracing diversity was central to the founders’ vision for the Vistamar community in 2005. Almost fifteen years later, it remains a guiding principle. Today, Vistamar attracts and enrolls one of the most diverse student bodies in the greater Los Angeles area. Our students come from over 50 zip codes and more than 60 schools, with nearly 45% students of color and approximately 30% on moderated tuition.
From the start, values of equity and inclusion have profoundly shaped Vistamar’s multicultural curriculum, vibrant student co-curricular life, and lively family engagement and educational programming. From signature school events like Taste of Vistamar, which celebrates our multicultural heritage through food, and Soulful Celebration, which honors African-American history and culture, to a robust selection of student affinity and interest groups led by student leaders across campus, life at Vistamar reflects our authentic and ongoing commitment to promoting healthy social identity formation as well as the shared values that unite our community.
Vistamar also strives to serve as a leader among Los Angeles area independent schools. By hosting Admissions outreach events to families of color and organizing community outreach events such as the Multicultural College Fair for college-bound students of color throughout the greater Los Angeles region, Vistamar demonstrates its dedication to ensure all students, no matter their background, have access to a world-class education.
Following a recent Diversity Climate Assessment, our staffulty are renewed in their commitment to ensuring that all students and families feel welcomed and equipped to thrive in our community. Based on recommendations from the climate assessment, this fall, we will unveil our DEI Strategic Plan for 2019-2020. Building on solid foundations, our top priorities will include supporting ongoing efforts to recruit and retain excellent teachers of color, designing inclusive co-curricular programming for all Vistamar students, and increasing our outreach and engagement with all Vistamar families.
Our Office of Equity and Inclusion is located off the main hallway and is open to all students, families, and staffulty. It is a safe space where all are welcome and warmly encouraged to drop by.
With best wishes,
Dr. Nimisha Barton
Director, Equity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Vistamar School was founded on the principle that diversity of thought and culture encourages authentic exchange of perspectives, mutual respect, and a mature understanding of the world. We learn more in an environment where preconceived notions are continuously challenged by fellow students, faculty, staff and families who come from different backgrounds.  We have livelier class discussions, engage in deeper learning and develop greater empathy as a result.

DEI Contacts

Dr. Nimisha Barton
Director of Equity and Inclusion

Elle Wong
Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
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