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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity & Access Committee

What is the Diversity and Access Committee?

At the school’s founding, the Diversity and Access Committee (DAC) was established to guide Vistamar’s ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion. It is spearheaded by Board of Trustee members Jeff Williams and Annmarie Atain. DAC members include the Head of School, Assistant Head of School, Director of Equity and Inclusion and Latino Programs Coordinator as well as staff, faculty, SAIG student leaders and former SDLC student participants. Of note, DAC is, and has always been, the only board committee to involve student members, demonstrating DAC’s ongoing commitment to centering student voice and experience.

Message from the Committee Chairs

A message from Jeff Williams & AnnMarie Atain:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have always been important to the Board of Trustees at Vistamar. Our emphasis on building a community where (DEI) is considered in all facets of the learning experience is what sets us apart. We continue to value equally the time, talent and treasure of all students and families in a way that is equitable for our diverse school. 

Our founding members laid the groundwork by creating DAC as a mechanism to ensure that we deliver consistently on the promise of our mission and values related to (DEI). It allows us to assess the needs of groups that are often minoritized and marginalized in our society and provide a more equitable experience for students and their parents at Vistamar when needed.

Building on that foundation and continuing that work, DAC in recent years has focused on the student voices more than ever. These Student Affinity and Interest Group (SAIG) leaders offer reports that allow the committee to understand the student experience at Vistamar better than ever before and keep track of all of the wonderful DEI work done by our students and staffulty. It is the only board committee or working group that consistently has student participation. It has allowed for the board members, students, staffulty and parents that have participated to approach the challenging circumstances that inevitably comes from DEI work with the acumen, thoughtfulness and grace necessary.
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