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Student Affinity & Interest Groups

Student Affinity and Interest Groups

What is SAIG?

Over the last decade, Vistamar students have spearheaded efforts to found numerous student affinity and interest groups (SAIG). Through bi-weekly meetings, all students have the opportunity to explore different aspects of their identity and find community among like-minded peers.
SAIG Mission/Purpose 

In Fall 2019, SAIG Student Leaders defined their common mission: “We strive to create BOTH safe and brave spaces where students can develop community and participate in something bigger than themselves.”

Identity and Culture Clubs come in two forms:

Affinity Groups
...where students come together because they have a shared social identity, such as race, gender, sexual orientation or religion, for example, and can speak to the experience of being a member of the group.  These are safe spaces because they are only for individuals who identify with the rest of the group.

Examples include:
  • African American Mentoring Program (AAMP)
  • La Familia
  • P10
Interest Groups
...where students come together because they want to learn about, teach or engage in a topic of shared interest.  These are brave spaces because club members frequently engage the larger community through teaching and education about members of their individual community.

Examples include:
  • African American Association (AAA)
  • Latino Students Association
  • Femnist Club
  • Gender and Sexual Alliance
Some clubs alternate between affinity and interest groups:

United Asian Association
Chinese Culture Club
Mixed Kidz Club
Jewish Culture Club
As a sophomore who transitioned into a leader of Mixed Kidz Affinity, DAC supported me in many ways.  I realized that this strong group of student and adult leaders ensured that we would be able to share our stories in a safe/brave space and become grounded in our identities.

Community Education Outreach Events

In keeping with their broader mission to educate the Vistamar community, each student interest group hosts a community-wide education outreach event or activity. Here are some of the events for the 2019-2020 academic year:
  • Jewish Culture Club: Yiddish Word of the Week
  • Chinese Culture Club: Lunar New Year celebration
  • LSA: Latinx Open Mic Night
  • GSA: Queer Art Show
  • Feminist Club: TedX-style talk on body image and gender
  • UAA: Slam Poetry Morning Meeting
  • AAA: Soulful Celebration
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