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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Vistamar

There are so many ways to be a leader on campus. Vistamar provides opportunities for students to lead clubs, lead affinity groups, captain athletic teams and lead amongst your grade. Health & Wellness TAs, Honor Council, VistaCrew, VALT and SEA are all more formal roles that students can apply to. 

Health & Wellness TAs

The ninth grade Health and Wellness program creates a space for students to learn what it means to be a part of the Vistamar School community. The goal of the Health and Wellness program is to intentionally craft culture on campus and support our incoming students in successfully transitioning into the community. This program, inspired by Charis Denison's Human Development curriculum, delves into the areas of identity formation, sexual health and consent, responsible technology use, gender roles/relationships, positive risk taking, and leadership skills. Social media, film, guest speakers, and current events will be utilized throughout the program.


Founding members of VistaCrew set as their mission to promote inter- and intra-grade relationships. While members are most visible at new student orientation and are involved with welcoming 9th graders, VistaCrew members serve as mentors, leaders, and role models for what it means to live the mission of the school. VistaCrew members will help plan, create, and execute various community events throughout the year. Above all,  members exemplify our community norms of Civility, Integrity, and Initiative. 

We look for students who are proud of our community and want to be actively involved in building and strengthening relationships among all students at Vistamar School. We look for a variety of students that are representative of all aspects of life at Vistamar—students who believe that student leadership is a powerful way to teach and mentor.


Honor Council has given me an invaluable perspective on the Vistamar Community. I have learned a lot.

Honor Council

The Honor Council is responsible for upholding our community norms of Civility, Integrity, and Initiative. When there are major violations of any of these norms, students are required to appear before their peers and explain the circumstances that led to the violation.

The perspective of Honor Council members, the insight they provide into student life, and the recommendations that the Honor Council makes is an integral and valuable part of the disciplinary process. The Dean of Students and Head of School rely upon the Council's recommendation to gain a full perspective of each situation. 

Vistamar Ambassador Leadership Team (VALT)

As a student ambassador leader,  you will play an integral role in the Admissions process. You will be trained to serve as tour guides, hosts for Vista-Visitors, and panelists or program speakers at Open Houses. Student Ambassadors may also travel with the Admissions team to feeder schools to speak on panels. With varied opportunities to be involved, VALT members will grow as public speakers, build connections with incoming students and display a strong sense of Viking Pride! VALT members support the Vistamar community through sharing their experience and fostering connections with prospective students and families throughout the admissions season. Members will promote Vistamar in the community  at admissions events, lead tours and present at open house events, and mentor rising student ambassadors. Above all, VALT members will exemplify our community norms of Civility, Integrity and Initiative.

Student Events & Activities Council

The Student Events & Activities Council, or S.E.A., organizes all-school events including dances, spirit days, and special assemblies throughout the year. In conjunction with other clubs on campus, the members of S.E.A. explore and develop new ways to build community.
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